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Did Robbie Khan Defend Video Zone #1 Spot & Championship?

Who Came Out On Top This Week?

WWETV Network(WWETV Network) As word got out after the first week of “WorldWide Video Zone Countdown”, many more artists from different parts of the world have been entered into the countdown. As was announced last week, artists from the underground from United States, Canada, and United Kingdom had their videos submitted for rotation. Robbie Khan was last week’s top streaming video on the website (calculated by AuroIN Digital Marketing Agency) with people sharing his content and watching it the most. This week did Robbie Khan come out on top with the added artists?

This week the countdown has been expanded to include the top 25 on the website. The Countdown Show this week also includes the full music videos from the artists which link directly to their youtube video which will enable the artists to increase their view count and watch time to their youtube uploaded video(Vimeo videos are also allowed for submission).

The Spotify Playlist will also be updated to include this week’s Top Ten artist songs. WWETV also announces the “All-Time Top Ten List” that will calculate every artist who has competed each week into a total for a list that will have a totality of the weeks their music videos have been running on the countdown.

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Congrats to the TOP TEN streaming videos on WWETVN.COM WATCH THE FULL STREAMING TOP 25 COUNTDOWN SHOW NOW! #Music #MusicVideos #WorldWideEntertainmentTV Calculated by 3rd party company AuroIN Digital Marketing Agency out of New York City! 2. @jermzthagen CANADA 3. @only1robbiekhan CANADA 4. @latenightleno @ultraslapdown CANADA 5. @thalesthegreat UNITED KINGDOM 6. @killahdacrook CANADA 7. @babygrhyme101 CANADA 8. @nadiarosemusic UNITED KINGDOM 9. @lilgreedak400 UNITED STATES 10. @trappherajohn CANADA ALSO CHECK OUT THE ALL TIME GOAT LIST FOR VIDEO ZONE STREAM 1. @only1robbiekhan CANADA 2. @dgcrondawg CANADA 3. @lb.spiffy CANADA 4. @jermzthagen CANADA 5. @trapmulan18 UNITED KINGDOM 6. @darealkg100 & @sgyungfreez CANADA 7. @latenightleno & @ultraslapdown CANADA 8. @thalesthegreat UNITED KINGDOM 9. @killahdacrook CANADA 10. @rochesterjuice CANADA

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Dusty Wallace has been announced the “WorldWide Artist Of The Week” because of how his music video roared through the ranks during the week after a slow start. Was it enough for him to claim the number one spot? Watch the countdown stream for the top 25 from November 3rd to November 9th and see who took the number spot for this week below.

1. LB Spiffy – Astrokidjay – Frozen (Canada)
2. jr Jermz – Moved On – Takeoff (Canada)
3. Robbie Khan ft. DJ Kanzer – Let’s Khannect (Canada)
4. Leno and Half – No Love (Canada)
5. Thales – Gold (United Kingdom)
6. Da Crook – Dumb and Dumber (Canada)
7. Baby Ghryme – Who Did It (Canada)
8. Nadia Rose – Lightwork Freestyle
9. GreedAK400 – Fortnite (United States)
10. Dusty Wallace – Game 4 Sale (Canada)
11. Pryme Kingz – On My Way (United Kingdom)
12. DJ Love Jones – Fortnite (Canada)
13. Flee Lord & Che Noire – Both Views (United States)
14. Abenah Adelaide – Bring Me Flowers (Jamaica)
15. Firstclass Bee – Sam Rothstein (United States)
16. Boo Tay – Drug Addict ( United States)
17. Houdini – Aint No Cap (Canada)
18. Bawsee – ABC NO D (Canada)
19. Wlatt Season 2 – WhyG ft. SupaWassi (Canada)
20. Trap Mulan – #BBM (United Kingdom)
21. Cristina Mackey ft. Fat Pimp – No Regular (United States)
22. Feeze and KG – Fake Love (Canada)
23. Donmillion – No Option (Canada)
24. Roney – Gold Digger (Canada)
25. Shy Glizzy ft. Pressa – Bloodbath (Canada)

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