Did The World Need Spice’s Bleaching Message?

Spice created quite a frenzy when she sported a brand new lighter skin look for her new mixtape. The artist then flipped the script with her music video “Black Hypocrisy” garnering top trends on youtube.


On WWETV Network 6ix Talks Series dancehall and r & b artist Alicia Cinnamon from Toronto spoke about the issue of colorism in the music industry. 

Alicia Cinnamon spoke about how women are pitted against each other creating a racial divide. The women who are pitted against each other and how females are boxed into categories from Nicki Minaj to Cardi B to Remy Ma to Janet Jackson to Rihanna to Laury Hill.

The crew at Nightly Fix asks the question on whether or not Spice’s bleaching stunt was necessary to spark discussion on the colorism issue and epidemic known as bleaching in Jamaica.  


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A documentary by Joy Daily delves into this serious topic that is something ingrained in the minds of both males and females in Jamaica.

There are various reasons why people are “bleaching” and the society differs on its positives and negatives. Many are doing it to attract the opposite sex and some do it for employment reasons that some feel lighter skin people will receive the better jobs. It’s a must see documentary above.

Jamaican media personality Dutty Berry gave a summary of how Spice tricked the world with entertainment to deal with a real world issue. We also get a glimpse on how Jamaican artists responded to Spice’s new message.