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Diddy Gets Exposed? – Exclusive With Ex- Bad Boy Intern Interview

Diddy's Blackballing Of Craig Mack - Exclusive With Ex- Bad Boy Intern Steve Riley Interview - WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive

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Yonkers 1st Lady with Facts Exclusive with former Bad Boy Records intern Steve Riley. Trending in hip hop this week is the reignited beef between Diddy and Mase after the Bad Boy Records head honcho “Breakfast Club” interview where he made a remark of never owing any artists.. </span;>

<span;>He stated how he was going to do a project to end all the rumors by dropping receipts. However, Mase ended up responding on social media by stating that Bad Boy Records icons Biggie Smalls, Craig Mack, & Black Rob are no longer with us and it’s not possible for Diddy to show these receipts.</span;>

<span;>In this WorldWide Entertainment TV exclusive we take a “Blast From The Past” with Ms. Goldi interviewing Steve Riley who details the early days of Bad Boy Records and the beef Craig Mack had with Diddy and Notorious B.I.G. which led to the former intern and Craig Mack leaving the company..

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