Dionne Warwick Down For Teyana Taylor To Do Her Biopic

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The world of music has seen its fair share of biopics over the years. It is a way to help fans see the behind the scenes and life of their favorite artists they have loved watching and see perform.

We have seen biopics for the artists who paved the way for the current generation of performers. Jamie Foxx delivered an Oscar worthy performance for his portrayal of the legendary Ray Charles.

What made that biopic so special was seeing the struggle he had to go through during the civil rights era and how the business treated a blind person.

We have not yet seen the biopic of Aretha Franklin which lands in that same time period of Ray Charles. A great star who is still alive to help shape out those days from another perspective is Dionne Warwick.

She jumped on social media once again to speak her mind. This time around she addressed the topic of a biopic and clearly let everyone know that she gives the nod to Teyana Taylor to play her.

Prior to that we also heard the iconic star drop this little message to fans as well. “It runs in the family,” wrote Warwick on December 15 with a photo of Taylor. The 80-year-old music legend was referring to memes that suggest she and the 30-year-old “Wake Up Love” performer look similar.

Check out what the legend says below.

Netflix actually responded about doing a biopic on Dionne Warwick.