Diva Of The Day – Beyonce’s NBA Finals Side Eye Becomes Meme

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Game 3

The NBA Finals is a place of competition for the top prize in basketball. The stars come out to show their support and to catch some entertainment. Well, Beyonce and her Beyhive is making a moment in time from a simple interaction that looked innocent enough.

As Steph Curry was giving his best playoff game in terms of scoring and Raptors taking the lead in the series, Beyonce’s court side eye is all the rage the next morning.

Nicole Curran, Joe Lacob, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé all sat alongside each other. Fans of Bey, were very astute in picking up the mannerism of the iconic singer. The look on her face showed displeasure in Curran. The partner of the owners of the Warriors soon afterwards felt the wrath of the Beyhive.

Beyoncé even took got in on the fun when she shared a cropped video that didn’t include Curran sitting with her and husband Jay Z. 

Beyonce is no doubt WorldWide Entertainment TV’s “Diva / Vixen Of The Day”. Since it’s also Thursday, let’s throw in a #TBT moment with Beyonce in the music video “Diva”.