Divorce Finalized Between Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin

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Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin are officially single.

The actors’ divorce was finalized Wednesday (Dec. 16th), according to TMZ.

As for the divorce agreement, neither of them will get child or spousal support, and Tisha Campbell will keep a leased property and a leased 2020 BMW. Duane Martin will also keep a leased property, and multiple vehicles – a 2014 Bentley, BMW scooter, and Kawaski motorcycle.

They will have joint legal and shared physical custody of their 11-year-old son Ezekiel, with alternating weeks. They also share son Xen, 19.

The news comes just after Tisha Campbell revealed she left the marriage with only $7 to her name. She said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight:

“I had maybe seven dollars to my name and I was scared — it was like I was starting all over.”

She continued stating:

“The fact that I did raise children who didn’t care about the big mansion that I had or that we had to start over or any of it. Starting over is not always the easiest thing but it’s the necessary thing. It’s a beautiful devastation.”

The two married in 1996 and separated in 2018. Tisha Campbell filed for divorce the following year.

Their split has certainly been a tumultuous one. She was granted a restraining order against him in January 2019, claiming he physically abused her for years. She dropped the restraining order a few weeks later.

Duane Martin also made his own claims and alleged that Tisha Campbell was careless with their children.

Their divorce seemed to die down in the public when she moved out of their home in October 2019 and shared a video on social media where she said:

“I’m free!”