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DJ Akademiks Drops Nicki Minaj Diss Track

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Nicki Minaj has slowed down her music career to start a family, but the past issues she has with DJ Akademiks is still on the mind of the Everyday Struggle co-host who has released “Take Care Babe” as his response to the Instagram DM beef with the New York rapper.

The teaser for the single appeared on his Instagram which revealed the return of his alter ego Lil Ak.

“The return of LIL AK. 10.18.2019. HYPEBEAST OTW,” he wrote in the cation. “We taking all lyrical fades too… might have to drop a diss song too to set the tone out here… lmk who need a lyrical annihilation from LIL AK. The pen is itching.”

On the song, Lil AK drops verses directed at the leader of the Barbz.

At the start of the single we hear, “Don’t be playing, don’t be playing like you know me/Tell Nicki she can fuck me on her IG,” a clear reference to their IG fight.

DJ Akademiks believes Cardi B’s rise to the top of the game caused Nicki Minaj’s mindset and position in the rap game as the top female rapper to crumble.

“Nicki’s having a breakdown,” Ak said. “She’s at the point where the shoe that nearly connected with her dome that was thrown by Cardi got her out of whack. She’s now threatening bloggers. I though Nicki wanted to have a conversation, or at least bring me to Queen Radio to defend … I thought she was on the brink of calling me ‘cocksucker of the week.’”

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