DJ Akademiks Interviews Rappers From Toronto

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toronto rappers

DJ Akademiks has been an example of the modern hip hop world and how its participants have exploited social media to help change the game. He achieved success on youtube originally and then moved on to have a show on Complex called “Everyday Struggle” which recently ended its multi-year run.

He has now become a force on the Twitch platform and got people in Toronto talking due to having a slew of Toronto rappers appear such as Pressa, Duvy, Killy, Moula 1st and more all on one stream, which has never been done before.

What many in the city of Toronto are paying attention to is that Akademiks was front and center during the rise of the Chicago drill scene when he would cover the hottest acts out of that region. Akademiks would also make mention of Toronto artists on the rise such as Robin Banks when Meek Mill was interested in his work. Toronto is now hoping that he could help bring awareness to their city’s top artists to an American audience.

Check out the special Twitch broadcast below.