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DJ Akademiks Reacts To Meek Mill Alleged North Philly Ban

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DJ Akademiks rose to fame in the hip hop community for his entertaining commentary and no holds barred take on music and events in the industry.

This outspoken nature of the hip hop personality has also caused him to get some enemies in the business. One of the artists includes Meek Mill who has asked the Complex magazine employee to not do any reporting or posting about him or his music.

This was due to an altercation between the two men that escalated years of friction. However, now it seems Akademiks has taken glee in seeing Meek Mill getting the treatment he received in terms of being banned from certain activities.

Jumping on social media, Akademiks wrote, “I remember Meek Mill banned me from the Trenches… now I’m hearing the TRENCHES banned Meek Mill… wtf … this is like watchin Aqua man drown in a bath tub.. like superman falling offa building… how the trenches banned their own king . LOL”.

Akademiks let it be known that he doesn’t want to be involved in any Philly beef after his statement. He says, “TBH and truth be told i dont want noparts of philly business.. but it shows.. meek a millionaire and almost 35 n stay yelling about the trenches n the streets when its convenient.. unwilling to evolve now seeing the same shit turn on him. At some point gotta grow up..Young Boul”.

At this moment, Meek Mill has not responded to Akademiks comment. He has stated he is going to be dropping new music by the end of the week and that he will be deactivating his account until then.