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DJ Akademiks Says Kanye Is Best Hip Hop Artist Of All-Time

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


(VIA VLADTV)DJ Akademiks stated that Kanye will go down as more legendary than Drake, and he added that he “blows Jay-Z out of the water.” Akademiks stated that if he’s not in the top spot, Kanye is number two, but he clarified that he’s not speaking in terms of being the best rapper.

When 2Pac was brought up, Vlad explained that both Biggie and 2Pac had their careers cut short, which gives them a disadvantage. Speaking more about Kanye, DJ Akademiks stated that aside from his controversies, Kanye has 6 classic albums that have pivoted the industry. DJ Akademiks revealed that Drake is his favorite rapper, but he thinks that Kanye is still more legendary. As the debate continued, DJ Akademiks explained that he was speaking about artists shifting the culture, which led to a conversation about who has the biggest influence.