DJ Akademiks Talks Of Toronto Media Takeover with VladTV


dj vlad akademiks

DJ Akademiks hopped on Clubhouse to speak about the bubbling Toronto scene and possibilities with Vladtv coming to the city.

Akademiks has been a staple in the social media era of hip hop and has brought a new element to the field of hip hop media. His recap of current events and artist’s music has captivated hip hop lovers for years. He has shown his love to Toronto artists such as Drake and Tory Lanez when they were on their come up in the industry.

Akademiks would later show support to the underground scene by praising artists from different neighborhoods in the city. It is known in Toronto, that Akademiks is a fan of rappers like Robin Banks, Pressa, and even Bvlly.

Vladtv is another American outlet that has taken a liking to the rap scene in Toronto. DJ Vlad started out doing mixtapes for certain artists in the 6ix such as Sticky Green for his “Facts Of Life Mixtape” in 2009.

He would later sit down with a rising Pressa from the same neighborhood. The rumor spreading in Toronto is DJ Vlad plans to open up shop in the city to expand his media empire. DJ Akademiks speaks about the possibility and believes it is a good idea. Check out the clubhouse segment below to hear what else he had to say about the city.

DJ Akademiks also spoke for nearly an hour with personalities from the city. Check out the full segment below.