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DJ Mel Boogie Celebrated 25 Years In Canadian Music

(WWETV NETWORK) On November 1st in Toronto something special happened. A group of women came together to celebrate their contribution to the advancement of urban music in their city.  DJ Mel Boogie has been a backbone for not only women, but the music industry as a whole for 25 years supporting up and coming artists in 6ix. The respect shown in honoring DJ Mel Boogie says it all as the Urban Music Queen of Canada Michie Mee appeared on her own birthday instead of partying somewhere else to help celebrate with DJ Mel Boogie on her milestone. 

DJ Mel Boogie was there when Drake was starting out his career transition from acting to music. The deejay has been a pioneer in the city playing on local radio stations such as CHRY 105.5FM and now Vibe FM. Always one to notice talent before many other deejays in the city, she has been instrumental in help to build what has become a hot spot for music worldwide. 

She is currently working with some of the hottest young ladies in Toronto that are unquestionably leaving their mark on this generation of music in the city. Lola Bunz and The Sorority also came out to show their appreciation for DJ Mel Boogie by performing along with the likes of Tona, Adam Bob, Rochester, and Ray Robinson.

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Worldwide Entertainment TV was there to capture the historic night and coverage from the event will be coming soon to WWETV Network Original Series