DK Akademiks Speaks On Instagram Removing Blog Pages & Meta

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Instagram had many users upset after they had removed the account of any social  DJ Akademiks who has grown his audience insurmountably since his early youtube channel days.

The former Everyday Struggle host’s Instagram page for news and rumors about their favorite stars. Starting off his career during his days in college, he created a website entitled “Late Night Creep.” Eventually big corporations would want his services and he got with Joe Budden and Nadeska for Complex’s Everyday Struggle show. Budden would end up leaving and being replaced with Wayno.

Despite having a lucrative deal with Complex, Akademiks boasted about still making a good amount of money with his side gigs that he didn’t give up under their employment. So it is rather self explanatory how important his Instagram page with over 4 million followers was to his bottom line.

In a segment on his Twitch, he explained his situation of being mass flagged. He admits being lucky that he knows some people that allowed him to get his account back. He isn’t a fan of their practices for the regular people and believes Facebook’s new approach with Meta will not be too urban culture friendly.

“I just think it’s foul,” says Akademiks of the practice of Meta removing pages of some people who have worked years on even getting 20,000 followers. Despite having over 4 million followers himself, Akademiks doesn’t believe it is fair that someone with a bigger account has a far better chance of getting their account redeemed if they know or have the right people connected with them.

He states that they could do a better job with working with the human aspect of their company. He did say he was grateful for getting his Instagram back and plans on showing other bloggers finding ways to maintain themselves in the media. Check out what he says below.