DMX Dissed Mary J. Blige According To DJ Superior

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The death of DMX has hit the world of hip hop and his birthplace of Yonkers hard and is still being felt months later.

During his career, Dark Man X, had very few antagonists who wanted to feel his wrath due to his reputation of being a battle rapper. One of his tales included going up against New York rapper Jay Z behind the scenes of a tour that some believed he won in the cypher.

However, very little is known about the beef DMX had with fellow Yonkers native Mary J. Blige. Of course, everyone knows that “The Queen Of Hip Hop Soul” was the person who put Yonkers on the map during the 1990’s when she debuted with “What’s The 411” album under Bad Boy Records.

It has been revealed over the last few months on “Drink Champs” and “UNCNSRD” that Diddy passed up on DMX because he didn’t see any marketing potential with his raw voice, but he did sign The Lox. In Yonkers, there were rumblings that perhaps the newly signed Bad Boy Records artist was professionally told to keep a distance from DMX due to his substance abuse. Things escalated when Mary J. would represent for Brooklyn over Yonkers when she debuted.

In an interview with MRECK TV, the deejay of DMX speaks about the time period of DMX dissing Mary J. Blige, going at Wu Tang Clan, and friendly battle with The Lox.

It should be noted that the two legends met up and had no beef in recent times as DMX met Mary J. Blige backstage after the “Royalty Tour” in 2019.