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DMX: Don’t Try To Understand Trailer

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It hasn’t been a year since the death of the iconic rap star from Yonkers, DMX, as the hip hop world currently laments over the murder of Young Dolph. Earl Simmons, who was better known as DMX, had a life of ups and downs. The late 50-year-old led a unconventional life which fans can learn more about in the forthcoming HBO documentary, DMX: Don’t Try to Understand.

The film covers the period after X was released from jail, having served time for being convicted of tax evasion. The “Party Up” rapper had plans to head back out on a comeback tour, but they unfortunately never came to fruition due to his untimely death from a cocaine-induced heart attack.


DMX: Don’t Try to Understand is a part of HBO’s Music Box series, which chronicles the stories of six different artists and the unique, long-lasting impact they made on the music industry. Woodstock 99: Three Days of Peace, Love, and Raged and Alanis Morissette’s Jagged story have already been released, and Listening to Kenny GMr. Saturday Night, and Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss are set to follow DMX’s doc.

The film takes you on a journey that makes you get more insight into his battle with drug addiction, his less-than-shiny criminal past, and his unhealthy relationship with money. As some interviewees in the trailer pointed out, DMX stayed the same throughout his come up – this is partially why fans loved him so much, but his resistance to change ultimately played a part in his tragic downfall.

Don’t Try to Understand is directed by Christopher Frierson, who is making his debut with the project. The film will premiere on Thursday, November 25th. Check out the trailer below.

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