During the memorial service, she explained that she was having a difficult time processing the news of his passing.

Paige Hurd described her thoughts of DMX being the goddaughter of DMX and ex-wife Tahera Simmons. She posted to Instagram this weekend where she penned a heartbreaking tribute to X with a photo she took with him just a week before his hospitalization. ” the last time I would ever hear you scream PUMPKINNN. when we are together we are inseparable, & we DO NOT play about each-other,” she said before offering her apologies for her silence.

“I just can’t believe this was our goodbye. Shock has been my feeling the past month since I got the worst call in the middle of the night. The shock & grief is heavy, uncomfortable, and hard to express. I just don’t have much yet, forgive my silence,” she said. “I love you so much. I’m so proud to be your goddaughter. You are apart of my world and my heart aches terribly these days and will never stop.”