DMX Thanks God ‘For Every Moment’ In Last Recorded Interview

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

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DMX died on April 9 after being rushed to a New York hospital a week earlier after he suffered a heart attack at home.

The rapper was laid to rest on Sunday, April 25. Just days later, on April 29, Cathy Hughes, founder of Urban One, the nation’s largest Black-owned media company, announced DMX’s final interview would air on TVOne in May, sharing that in the interview, the rapper “opens up about his personal life in his own words.”

“I always say I’m gonna look back on my life just before I go and thank God for every moment. For every single moment.” According to Entertainment Tonight, the rapper also opened up about his struggles to reach success, revealing that he was told numerous times at an early age that he wasn’t going to make it as an artist or live long, telling Uncensored, “Up until I was 20, I was told I wouldn’t live to see 20.” The rapper said it became his mission to “outlive everybody’s expectations. And not just outlive but outperform, outlast ’em.” He added during the interview, “Every good idea is a gift from God, and how you say thank you is by using it.”