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kanye west

In my last article I asked the question “Is There A Method To Kanye’s Madness” and all the master plans in the world won’t matter if the core audience one is trying to help denies his message? When Kanye West entered the hip hop world he came at a time when gangsta rap ruled the day. The alpha male ruled the day with only one representation of the inner city community. Some people were aching for the return of the genre to the days of Public Enemy or De La Soul, but the mainstream audience was affixed with the likes of 50 Cent or an Eminem.

Then came a producer who gave Jay Z some of the most soulful production up to date when he went to war against Nas with his “Blueprint” album. Then Kanye stepped onto the scene with his debut album “College Dropout” with the inspiring story of “Through The Wire” and the 00’s indeed now had their conscience voice a la Chuck D. 

He raised issues such as “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” and the problems that occurs in African families that people worldwide could relate to.

His recent actions along with other questionable moves in the last few years has probably blurred some of the good intentions that Kanye West has provided people through his music. 

G Herbo has recently recanted negative comments he spewed towards Kanye for his “Slavery Was A Choice” statement. Kanye West in a surprise move recently supported a Democrat nominee for Mayor in his city. Kanye West appears to be a stubborn personality that pushes more if he believes people are pushing back at him for his thoughts. However, would Kanye West change his somewhat sporadic thoughts if he would not receive such backlash or be more in line with his original ideas that made him such a popular figure in hip hop to begin with?

Is Kanye West in reality trying to have African Americans forgive him for his antics earlier this year by doing music in Africa for his latest “Yandhi” project and for helping out an African American woman out of financial woes to live her dream of becoming Mayor of Chicago? 

A discussion panel answers the question on whether or not if black people could forgive Kanye West for hurting them with his inconsiderate rants on TMZ.

Did Kanye West get misunderstood with his meeting with President Trump or did he go too far trying to fit in with a polarising politician?