Don Cheadle New Voice Of Wonder Years Reboot

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The Wonder Years originally captured audiences on television during the years of 1988-1993 and spoke to a new generation of kids about growing up as a teenager from a different generation.  It was created by Carol Black and Neal Marlens, but now ABC Network will reboot the show with Lee Daniels, Saladin Patterson (also serving as showrunner) and will be directed by Fred Savage, who was the star of the original series. According to IMDb, Fred Savage directed the pilot.


Welcome To The World Of ‘The Wonder Years’

In a twist to the original, we will be following the lives of a black family with 12 year old Dean Williams that is set in the 1960’s instead of the original character of 12 year old Kevin Arnold. What does remain the same is the older version of Dean will narrate his life which will be done by Don Cheadle. It will be interesting to see how the backdrop of living in Montgomery, Ala., during the civil rights movement era.


Who’s in ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot cast?

The original cast of The Wonder Years featured Savage, Daniel Stern, Dan Lauria, Alley Mills, Danica McKellar and more. Here are the actors who will make up the main cast of The Wonder Years reboot:

  • Elisha Williams — Dean Williams
  • Don Cheadle — Narrator
  • Laura Kariuki — Kim Williams
  • Dulé Hill — Bill Williams
  • Saycon Sengbloh — Lillian Williams
  • Milan Ray — Keisa Clemmons
  • Amari O’Neil — Cory Long
  • Julian Lerner — Brad Hitman

When will ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot premiere?

We now know when we are getting The Wonder Years reboot. ABC has announced its full slate of premiere dates for its 2021 fall TV lineup, and The Wonder Years will debut on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 8:30 p.m.

The Wednesday time slot puts it on a busy night for ABC, which will have The Goldbergs at 8 p.m., The Conners at 9 p.m., Home Economics at 9:30 p.m. and A Million Little Things at 10 p.m.

ABC released a teaser trailer as part of its upfront presentation in May. Led in with a rendition of “With a Little Help from my Friends” (though not the Joe Cocker-sung version the ‘80s The Wonder Years had as its theme song), the trailer features some narration of Don Cheadle over a young Dean Williams playing baseball and spending time with his friends and family. Watch the trailer below.

While not a trailer, some more footage was shown in this behind-the-scenes look of The Wonder Years that includes interviews with writer and executive producer Saladin K. Patterson, Dulé Hill, Saycon Sengbloh, Elisha Williams and original series star and director of the reboot’s pilot, Fred Savage.


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