Donald Trump Reportedly Distancing Himself From Kanye West


Kanye West is speaking his mind just as Donald Trump loves to do, but the former president is distancing himself from Kanye.

Donald Trump has met with Kanye and his ex wife Kim Kardashian in the past to deal with political issues with prisoners and improving the judicial system. It led to Kanye wanting to free Larry Hoover and the famous concert that saw him reunite with Drake.

donald trump kim west

The leader of the Republican Party, once admitted that Kanye West was “a friend of mine for a long time,” but President Donald Trump believes the billionaire rapper has gone too far recently.  He has told multiple people that West is acting too “crazy” and that he needs some professional “help,” according to two sources reported to Rolling Stone.

This weekend, Kanye West appeared on Drink Champs to discuss various topics that have once again caused divisive opinions online. He talked about having no more celebrity friends and how the industry operates behind his back in his opinion.  He stated how some powers that be told Candace Owens not to meet up with Kanye. He says he sat down to eat in a public place and had no one around him.


He spoke on Kim Kardashian saying wearing the MAGA hat is “small $ick energy” during the Drink Champs interview. There are some who believe the interview was more eye opening with the other things that were said.