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Donald Trump Twitter Return Gets Immediate Ban

SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS - Keisha Wray Article

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Donald Trump’s public statements were tweeted out by an account that has already been banned by Twitter after a day.

The former President of the United States once held the highest position in the land, but social media outlets are still denying him access on their platforms. Donald Trump is seen as a menace to social media because of his viewpoints and allegedly causing a riot at the capitol back in January. These elements have left the big platforms to decide he is not a healthy addition on their services. This predicament has caused number 45 to create his own platform to get his messages across as he recently did about the Academy Awards and Lebron James comment about the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant.

Forbes reporter Andrew Solender noticed that an account dedicated to Trump’s press releases, going by the handle @DJTDesk, was operating with the sole purpose of spreading news about Trump’s latest statements. After less than twenty-four hours, the page was banned from Twitter. This occurred on the same day that Facebook and Instagram announced they will be upholding their bans on Trump.

Donald Trump has stated the social media ban by saying Facebook and Twitter are a violation of his right to have free speech.