Dr. Dre Previews “2 Hours Of Unreleased Heat”

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Dr. Dre’s “Detox” has been anticipated for years and rumors are abound of it finally being released as Dr. Dre invited Diamond D and Xzibit into the studio for a two-hour listening session.

Dr. Dre has not confirmed any date for his new project, but fans have seen him getting ready to release his fourth studio album through pics shared online at the studio. Dre has assembled what sounds like a playlist of sorts, and he’s been making a point to share his work with his fellow hip-hop legends. First, he invited Grandmaster Flash over for a listening session, who teased that Dre’s new music would “change the game.” Now, Dre has brought Diggin’ In The Crates producer slash MC Diamond D into the mix, as well as his own longtime collaborator Xzibit.

Taking to Instagram, Diamond D shared a picture of himself and the Good Doctor in the studio, along with a caption destined to spark excitement in Detox enthusiasts. “@drdre played about 2hrs of straight unreleased heat rocks for me and @xzibit today #ondeck shouts out to @focus3dots,” writes D, though alas, none of said “heat rocks” were unveiled in snippet form.

At this point, one has to wonder if Dre is using his peers as a focus (no pun intended, shout out to Focus…) group, gauging their reactions in an effort to further hone and shape his vision. Should that indeed be the case, perhaps we can take solace in knowing that responses, as of yet, have been overwhelmingly positive. Check out Diamond D’s post below (liked by a few notable names like Fat Joe and Busta Rhymes), and keep an eye out for more news on whatever Dre has been working on.