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Drake Accused By Instagram Model Of Hot Sauce Condom Trick



Drake’s latest album was entitled “Certified Lover Boy” and a new rumor has the rap star protecting his crown jewels.

Drake has been known to romance many women over the years and drop some of his experiences in his songs. He has been linked to some of the top women in Hollywood, sports, and music such as Rihanna, Serena Williams, and more.

The latest rumor about a Drake escapade is with another Instagram model, but this time around it is for nefarious reasons according to the women. She said she met Drake on the platform and later got together after meeting at a party.


They started with a bit of foreplay and eventually used the protection of a condom. The two had their sexual encounter and Drake went to the bathroom allegedly to trash the condom. The women allegedly fished for the condom and tried to insert the condom within her. She stated the condom was filled with hot sauce and that Drake admitted to the deed. She is now suing him for the incident.


According to a letter to Cary Tennis, a radio talk show host advised his male listeners to squirt hot sauce into their used condoms so that women with stealth-pregnancy on the brain would get a burnt vagina instead. At the very least, the host told guys to wash their condoms thoroughly after removal to prevent ladies from stealing their precious seed. Like any person with half a brain and a quarter of a conscience, the letter-writer thought this was insane . . . until she told her fiance about it:

I laughed and said the host sounded like an egomaniac who didn’t know a lot about reproduction, but then I noticed he wasn’t laughing with me.

I said, Did you believe that guy? And he said, Yes. So I asked, Did you do that when we were together and using condoms? (I’m on different birth control now.) And he said, Well, yes.

The story has not been confirmed or addressed by the hip hop star out of Toronto. Check out the reactions below.