Drake Album Rumors Via Hints From DJ Akademiks


drizzyA new Drake album has been rumored for months and now there are more hints that we may see a release from Drizzy in 2020 with a new project. He recently dropped   “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”,  but the people are anticipating more music.

The rollout could begin as soon as this week after DJ Akademiks shared a message that he had found about what’s to come. While he cannot vouch for the validity of the information presented, this would be a pretty grandiose way for Drake to come through with Album #6, thus, we’re hoping it’s real.

“Have a plug at one of YouTube’s divisions SiriusXFM and Pandora are currently finalizing a deal with YouTube specifically for Drake’s 6th Studio Album rollout,” said the leaker in a message shared by DJ Akademiks. He goes on to explain that, starting this week, Drake would perform a thirty-minute set from one of his previous albums before revealing some information about the upcoming joint in a quick fifteen-minute address which would directly follow.

With that schedule, things would start on July 2 and end in late August. the validity of these rumors has not been confirmed by Drake or anybody on his team.

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