The infidelity of Tristan Thompson supposedly in this go around has created quite the rumor according to Newsbreak Wire. It can’t be good news for the highly protected image of the Kardashian family. A woman named Maralee Nichols came forward a few days ago, claiming that she is the mother of one of Tristan’s kids. During his tryst with the woman, according to her, Kylie Jenner has a secret along with Canadian hip hop artist / singer Drake.As Drake rehearses the single 24 on the day of his concert with Ye formerly known as Kanye West, the rumor mill is spinning with this new celebrity news. Instead of focus being on the ‘Free Larry Hoover Concert,” people are inquiring about what Thompson’s alleged baby mother posted, claiming that he told her about Drake supposedly sleeping with Kylie Jenner behind Travis Scott’s back.

“You said that you planned to leave Khloe… it wasn’t working and hasn’t been for years and you were retiring from the NBA after this year and planned to leave Cali,” said Nichols about Thompson in a post. “And you told me you planned to leave Khloe at Doja Cat’s party in L.A. Flew me and my best friend out. All for why??”

Thompson allegedly responded to that post by asking her to leave Doja Cat and other names out of this dramatic unfolding, but she continued by dropping even more names.

“Sad that I have to threaten to expose the Kardashians for a response smh,” allegedly said Nichols in a follow-up post. “You know Drake slept with Kylie last year but you aren’t man enough to tell Travis (Scott). There it is. Good night folks. More tomorrow.”

Neither Drake nor Kylie has responded to the rumors. Knowing how Kris Jenner is a media frenzy publicity relations icon, we can expect some sort of response about this as the internet spreads the topic. Stay tuned for an update.