Drake Allegedly Wants To Date Kim Kardashian

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As reported on The Jasmine Brand, Kim is reportedly interested in dating Drake. This comes one month after Kim and Kanye West filed for divorce.

The article reports an insider told Heat that Drizzy “never understood” what Kardashian saw in Kanye. He believed he wasn’t the “right guy” for the reality star. The insider said Drake is allegedly ready to see Kim whenever she says the word.

The source also said Kim isn’t ready to move on and wants the divorce finalized. On his latest EP, Scary Hours 2,  to some listeners they believed the following lines were Drake taking his shot at Kim K on “Wants And Needs.” In the song, Drake rapped,  “Yeah, I probably should go link with Yeezy; I need me some Jesus / But soon as I started confessin’ my sins, he wouldn’t believe us.”

In 2018, Drake sparked more speculation in his song “Can’t Take A Joke.” In the song, he rapped, “UberX to Hidden Hills to give me somethin’ I can feel.” Kim also lived in Hidden Hills, which is how they made the correlation.

It would be interesting if Drake is trying to pursue Kim since he has an estranged relationship with Kanye. It’s not exactly clear when the Drake and Kanye beef began. NME reports in 2010 when “Find Your Love” was released (co-written and produced by Kanye), Yeezy said Drizzy’s attitude started to get “too big.”