Drake Also Has Michael Jackson Ban?

michael jackson drake
Michael Jackson – Drake

The popular hip hop artist Drake has jumped on the “Mute Michael Jackson” campaign as he has apparently dropped the single “Don’t Matter to Me,”  from his “Scorpion” album, while on tour in the United Kingdom. The track has him singing alongside Michael Jackson with vocals from 1983 in a session with Paul Anka.

There hasn’t been an official statement from Drake about why the song was dropped, but once conclude it has to do with the worldwide ban on Michael Jackson’s music on radio due to the airing of “Leaving Neverland” in the United States. This news comes from website which shows the 

The two-part documentary aired on British television last week. Jackson’s family took to local media as fans took to the streets to protest the airing of the documentary on Channel 4. It delivered strong viewing numbers for the free-TV channel.

Drake has started his “Assassination Vacation” tour in Europe. The show runs through April and includes stops in Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, and Paris.