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Drake “Falling Back” Video & #DrakeAlbumTrash Trends

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Drake drops a new album “Honestly, Nevermind,” along with visuals of him getting married for the lead single “Falling Back.”

The Certified Lover Boy has already returned with a new album less than a year and he comes with a new approach of a more electronic sound. The seventh studio album from Drake has minimal rapping which some have already given him a polarizing reception, but Drake will no doubt dominate the airwaves for the summer.  It has been noted online that Drake dropped his album nine months after Certified Lover Boy.

Upon the album’s release, the rapper delivered a new set of visuals for the single, “Falling Back.” With Director X holding it down, Drake invites fans into a milestone event — his wedding. However, he’s marrying a roster of 23 women. The video takes fans from Tristan Thompson’s pep talk with Drizzy to the rapper trading vows with his spouse(s) and straight to the reception where a dreadful wedding singer delivers a rendition of “Best I Ever Had.”

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Fans have jumped on Twitter to make jokes surrounding the album release and music videos. A theme that some fans have latched onto is that Drake has dropped an album that is mall music. The twitter feed has been hit with a plethora of Forever 21 memes that have been circulating on the website since last night.

The memes have been creative, but not quite sure this was the intended reaction from the Toronto hip hop artist with fans.

Another hashtag that started to trend was #DrakeAlbumTrash which may be a bit harsh due to the switching up of the style by the Toronto rapper. One Twitter account posted,

“For years I have been paralyzed and stuck in a wheel chair. But when my friend starting playing your new Album “Honestly, Nevermind”, I gained the strength to get up and turn that trash ass music off. Thank you Mr. Drake and all you do for the disabled community.”


Check out more from the hashtag postings on Twitter below.


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