Drake Gets Name Dropped In Political Rant Against Trump

BREAKING NEWS - POLITICS - Kevin Douglas Article


President Donald Trump is still not conceding to his election loss that was announced by the media over the weekend. The 45th president is in the works of trying to get over lawsuits in a bid to contest the electoral process due to believing there was fraud during the Biden campaign.

News outlets have been analyzing the situation as a first in U.S.A history of politics. Global News in Canada took the president to task by stating, “The public acknowledgment of defeat by losing candidates has been a staple of U.S. presidential elections since 1896. And so far, President Donald Trump has skipped out on giving a concession speech — after losing to president-elect Joe Biden. Emanuela Campanella explores what that means for the long-standing democratic tradition”.

Check out this news broadcast personality even name dropping Drake and his song where he dissed Meek Mill (Twitter Fingers line) to illustrate the point home how frustrated he is at the current sitting President Trump below.