The announcement’s wording caused confusion for some fans as they felt misled into thinking they would have been attending a concert with the two biggest rap stars of a generation for free of charge.  Labeled as a “Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert,” a number of folks were shocked to find out on Monday that the concert isn’t actually free… it’s tofree Larry Hoover.

With most tickets costing between $200 and $500, some fans felt bamboozled upon opening the purchase link, which had over 2,000 concurrent users trying to check out, taking to social media to share their shocked reactions to the show not actually being “free.”

There was also conversation centered on the dangers of a free concert from two of the biggest artists today in light of the tragedy at Travis Scott infamous festival of Astroworld, which left 10 people dead and hundreds injured.

It should be noted that Drake and Kanye West never stated the benefit concert would be for free. It is understandable that some may have assumed the benefit concert would be free of charge similar to other concerts of the same vein in years past.

Larry Hoover Jr., was adamant that the two rap icons could be of great assistance in getting some awareness surrounding his father’s imprisonment. His hope is that their profile could increase the chances of him getting released.

On Kanye’s Donda album, Larry Hoover Jr. provided a speech at the end of the “Jesus Lord” single on why his father has been a good inmate that deserves a second chance at life in society.  The single was one of the more standout records on the project.

Check out reactions to the ticket prices below.