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Drake & Kanye Pray Together At Free Larry Hoover Show

The Night Drake & Kanye Show The World Unity | Showbiz News with Wanda Davidson


It was a night to remember as Drake and Kanye West entertained the Los Angeles Coliseum audience in benefit  for the Free Larry Hoover concert.

Fans finally saw the two rap stars live as they made their public end of their rivalry a spectacle of the year.  In an interview, J. Prince described how he was able to get the two men together after years of having a rocky friendship turned enemies.

“I painted the bigger picture to Drake,” the Rap-A-Lot Records CEO explained to Billboard. “I let him know that this is a moment and movement that can save lives. I believe by Drake and Kanye being an example, as two of hip-hop’s top artists, that lives would be saved.

“I believe this is going to be imitated and it’s important to be an example to those that look up to you and that meant something to Drake — just the life-saving event wrapped around putting the spotlight on injustice, prison reform, and my brother Larry Hoover. Everything is icing on the cake after that, because he never envisioned things like that. So I had to tap into a power greater than the anger or whatever these guys had for one another.”

As is Kanye’s custom, he prayed before the event and what was interesting was Drake joined him. Check out the quick clip below.

Larry Hoover Jr also expressed his thoughts on the hip hop icons coming together in a recent interview. “Yeah, he’s aware of it and he has to be concerned because he doesn’t know how it may affect him,” Hoover Jr. said around the 6:05 mark. “He’s concerned that it may affect him negatively because it’s showing his influence, but his influence is positive. Him being an influential person, it just won’t disappear.”

Hoover Jr. continued by explaining that he knows his father would never use his influence negatively, and that never in his wildest dreams did he think two of the biggest artists in the world like Kanye West and Drake would be coming together to free the former gang leader Larry Hoover.

“I didn’t think it would happen, but it was possible, but not probable,” he explained.
Drake took the time to share his appreciation for Kanye West and his deep catalog of music during the event in the clip below.