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Drake Or Tory Lanez Or The Weeknd? Turono Talks

Who Is Toronto's Best Artist?

Toronto has a long standing history of being the “Screwface Capital” which is a term that was first coined back in the 1990’s. The meaning of the word attests to the “crabs in a bucket” mentality that permeated the rap scene due to artists and fans of the music not showing any love to its own kind. The rapper K-OS once created the visuals about this in the song “Crabbuckit”.

The city of Toronto is now having debates about who they believe is the best artist out of the city. Is it Drake, Tory Lanez, or The Weeknd? 

You can watch Turono Talks Episode with Tony Ranks here.

Toronto’s music scene has always been bubbling with talented singers which include many greats before the top 3 headlining today. Toronto rapper Tony Ranks gives Drake the crown and says Tory Lanez is a great heir apparent. What do you feel about the topic? Who would you consider the best out of the top 3?

I’ll tell you this. Yours truly Venom believes the world needs to see these three men on a song together. Much more these men can finally put an end to the “Screwface Capital” moniker for good by showing Toronto’s talent is united in making the 6ix have a worldwide presence that goes beyond just this generation.