As many of you already know, Young Thug is currently in jail over a pending RICO case in Georgia. His YSL understudy Gunna is also facing similar charges right now, and the entire hip-hop world has been calling for their release, while also showcasing support on social media, and even in lyrics.RICO cases can be incredibly scary as the conviction rate is high. One of the more recent RICO cases in the hip-hop world featured none other than 6ix9ine, who saw many of his former associates get over 10 years in prison. With Young Thug’s trial beginning in 2023, there is now a ton of speculation and analysis into what may happen next.


With this trial just months away, Thug continues to get support from some of the most high-profile artists in the entire world. For instance, Thug got a massive co-sign from Drake last night as the Canadian megastar took to his Instagram to offer some words of encouragement.

In the IG story photo below, Drake showed off a mirror that had the phrase “Them Young Thugs” written on it. This prompted Drake to write “Free You @thuggerthugger1.