Drake Responds to Fan About Not Being 6ix God Over Expensive Tickets

Drake pulled out all the stops over the weekend with OVO Fest. He represented the Raptors and their 1st NBA Championship by having the stage set as a huge championship trophy background. Still, there were complaints about the high ticket prices.

When the tickets went on sale in July, there were a few angry fans that were disappointed at the high ticket prices. One twitter account wrote:

Drake is an overhyped commercialized stooge now, and those dumb enough to pay these prices are the reason why his management company continues raising his ticket prices…

Drake seemed to have pleased a lot of fans especially after Day 2 of OVO Fest with all the surprise guest appearances. However, the criticism over the high prices was still prevalent even after the event. He was criticized Drake for not truly showing love to T.O. “Drake charges 1000 + for a concert in his city but shows up to schools in the US and hands out money to random people and etc,” she said, possibly as a nod to his video for “God’s Plan.” “This guy is not a 6 God at all .”

Drake was alerted of the commented and responded in kind. He let the women know that he wasn’t to blame for the high end pricing of his shows.

I can control a lot of things but I can’t control resale prices shordeeeee

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Shordeeeee. #CommentsByCelebs

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