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Drake responds to viral video of woman claiming he flew her out


A woman has come forward about her experience with Drake after he allegedly flew her out to see him.

According to the woman’s latest post, known as imbigjas on TikTok/Instagram, she alleges that Canadian musician Drake flew her out and then kicked her out after she took out her phone to record him. While telling the story, she also claims the influential artist didn’t use protection while having sex with her.


In a video shared to TikTok, the woman expresses her thoughts on the alleged situation and began the story with how the two became in contact with one another. In the clip, she claims she gained Drake’s attention by posting herself in lingerie via her IG stories and subliminally tagging the 36-year-old entertainer.

After exchanging contact information through Instagram direct message, Drake, real name Aubrey Graham, allegedly booked the woman’s flight. Once she arrived at his residence, she claims she was instructed to sign an NDA. The fan then shared her experience with the rapper once the pair was inside the house. She says,

“So we watch a movie, we drinking Casamigos. Then, y’all know, Casamigos bring out the freak h*es. So y’all know we did what we did. I don’t have to go into detail about that because it’s self explanatory.”

She shares,

“But, he did not use protection which was a little weird. But, y’all know I’m just going with the flow.” 


The fan continues,

“So after we did what we did we just cuddling and we’re watching another movie. So everything went left when I pulled my phone out.”

She elaborates and says,

“So I had pulled my phone out and I had recorded him, and as soon as he seen me recording him he slapped my phone out my hand. I’m not even going to lie I got a little scared because that slap was aggressive. But after he slapped the phone out my hand he was like, ‘You gotta go.’”

At the end of the video, she claims the proof is on her Instagram, but her page is reportedly private so it’s unclear if that’s true or not. She adds,

“But I had posted the video on my Instagram. All the receipts is on my Instagram so I don’t got time for y’all to be like ‘I’m lying’ and all of that because what I have to lie for?”

It’s also important to note that the video has recently been removed from her TikTok page.

Drake posted an IG story stating that he has never ever met the woman. The Toronto artist says, “Never met. Never spoke. Never flew. I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given sh*t is sad out here”