Drake Says Honestly Never Mind Was “Really For Me” In 2022



Drake gave a rare interview and stated how “Honestly Never Mind” was not for everybody, but mostly he created it for himself.

In recapping his year of 2022, the rap star discussed why he made the dance album that was different from his normal releases.  He says the music made him see different things in life with his friends and gave him the opportunity to have one of his craziest nights watching Black Coffee live.

His New Year’s resolution is to continue the path he is going down and live his own life without being a recluse. He addressed the memes he gets online such as the recent “Rich Flex” and understanding he splits opinion because of his star status. He says he mentally can separate the positive and negatives online.

“But ultimately, I’ve just found a way,” he said. “I’ve always been able to laugh at myself, but I really do feel now that I mentally am able to separate the two. So I just want to stay in that zone, that’s kinda my resolution. I feel really good right now.”

The artist admits that he has been “vibing” to Jamaican artists like Popcaan and Bob Marley. Drake recently revealed his Spotify listener stats and Tupac Shakur was his most listened to artist for the year 2022.