Drake Shows His Tupac Spotify Listening Numbers


Spotify rolled out its annual Wrapped feature Wednesday, and Drake‘s roundup gives a glimpse into who the Toronto artist listens to.


Back in the early days of Drizzy’s career, he told The BoomBox that if he could embody anyone he’d want to be more like the late rap legend.

“If there was anybody that I wish I could be a little more like, it’d probably be ‘Pac,” Drizzy said back in 2011. “I think more than anything, aside from his music, which was absolutely incredible, I think he just drove people with who he was, the way he carried himself. He was somebody who was a free spirit and he did not care, he just did what he felt. I wish I could have a little more ‘Pac to my persona. I’m working on it.”

As for Drake himself, he was the most-streamed artist on Spotify in the U.S. and Canada this year, and was the third highest-streamed artist internationally behind Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift.