Drake TAKES DOWN Allegedly Blogger Website & IG for Extortion


tasha k


Tasha K speaks about Fee from Gossip Of The City blog. She states that her instagram page has been removed and that the website she runs has been under attack.

It seems the concerted effort to shut her down is due to her having problems with Toronto rapper Drake. She was the first person to leak the pictures of his son Adonis.

Drake attempted to take her down during the original revealing of the picture of his son, but failed. This time around the story is a bit different.

According to Tasha K, the blogger known as Fee was charging huge fees to her visitors in the range of $500(amount some say in the comments under the video) and was stating that Drake had impregnated another woman.

The big story out of this supposed pregnancy was that the woman was the daughter of legendary Jam Master Jay.  Allegedly Drake had been sleeping with the woman and she was an employee who Drizzy wanted to pay her $200,000 to get rid of the alleged baby.

Fee who found out the information decided to extort Drake and made a blog post that has now been removed.  She has been paid off before allegedly by celebrities such as Cardi B and her husband to not release certain news. Tasha K gets into the situation in the video below from the 12:30 mark.