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Drake Talks About Pusha T & More


Drake and Pusha T’s beef reached a certain level where a legendary street icon in J Prince felt he needed to step in to prevent any bloodshed. Rumors flew that Drake had a diss song ready that would have ended the career of the Clipse rapper.

Tonight Drake has finally spoken in depth about the beef and let it be known he wants to punch Pusha T in the face. The HBO talk show “The Shop” with Lebron James was the platform that Drake felt was appropriate to let the world understand his side of the story of “The Story Of Addion” drama.

Drake lets hip hop fans know he is okay with people thinking he was soft allowing himself to not retaliate to Pusha T. His album admittedly had some tweaks after King Push released the diss song that included his father, mother, and son. 

“song was trash, but the chess move was genius.”

Drake About Pusha T diss

Drake obviously not a fan of Pusha T continued to say: “Wishing death on my friend who has MS…I just believed then and believe now there a price you have to pay for that.”

Drake had a few things to say about Kanye West as well. He states that he showed Kanye pictures of his son Adonis and that he was promised “Lift Yourself” as a single which Kanye alluded to recently.

Drake spoke fondly of his son as he showed pictures of Adonis to Lebron James.