The attorney for a defendant in XXXTENTACION’s murder trial listed Drake and other rappers as potential witnesses in the upcoming trial, according to the Miami Herald.

The lawyer for Dedrick Williams, a defendant in the case, reportedly named several rappers as potential witnesses in the case. Drake, incarcerated Toronto rapper Top5, Joe Budden, 600 Breezy, 6ix9ine, Quavo, Offset, and the late Takeoff, who was shot and killed on November 1st, are among those listed, the Herald reports. Additionally, the attorney named Tankhead666 and Ski Mask The Slump God as potential witnesses.

Most of the individuals listed as potential witnesses had beef with X at one point or another. Drake, for example, became embroiled in a largely one-sided feud following the release of “K.M.T.” Following the release of More Life, X accused Drake of stealing his flow. Later on, a post on X’s Instagram Story suggested the Canadian rapper was trying to murder him. “If anyone tries to kill me it was @champagnepapi,” tagging Drake’s actual Instagram handle. Afterward, X claimed someone hacked his Instagram account.


Due to the prominence of the online chatter, Williams’ attorney reportedly might use these conspiracy theories to place doubt in the jury’s mind. However, there’s no evidence available publicly that even suggests there’s any truth to these rumors.

Williams, the alleged getaway driver, said that he had “no knowledge in advance” of plans to kill XXXTENTACION.

At this point, Williams’ attorney hasn’t secured any of the rappers listed as potential witnesses. Prosecutors already pushed back against the witness list ahead of Thursday’s hearing.

“It is apparent from the deliberate, late disclosure of the defendant’s witnesses and comments made between the parties that [the] defendant intended to ‘surprise’ the state and create a trial by ambush,” prosecutor Pascale Achille wrote.

However, there’s also a possibility that potential witnesses won’t have to take the stand or even face deposition. However, if the judge approves, then the potential witnesses would have to divulge information on XXXTENTACION’s potential rap feuds. At the same time, the prosecutors and the attorneys for the rappers could ask the judge to keep them out of the case since there isn’t evidence linking them to the crime.

At this point, the attorneys for Drake or any other rapper listed have commented on the matter. The Miami attorney who filed the list, Mauricio Padilla, declined to comment.