Bobby Brown Talks Kanye & Whitney Controversy

Still of Gabrielle Dennis as Whitney Houston and Woody McClain as Bobby Brown from BET's "The Bobby Brown Story" (Photo: Annette Brown/BET)

& "The Bobby Brown Story"

New Edition are legends in the music industry and members Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike all appeared on The Breakfast Club to speak with the crew of Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee.

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The New Edition Story on BET received a large viewership and also rave reviews. The recollection of the Boston R & B legends made the 80’s and 90’s icons the talk of the industry once again. However, there long standing issues still arose as the team couldn’t come together to capitalize on their new wave of popularity.

The issues were so strong that all of the members didn’t appear as one during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike showed up on the popular platform and gave reasons why they are now touring only among themselves.


Since Ralph and Johnny trademarked the name New Edition, the group is currently going by RBRM.   Bobby Brown doesn’t consider himself the King of R&B, but he does say in the interview that he’s the “King Of Stage”.

“You put me on stage with anybody and I’ll whup that @ss.”

He also let it be known that he never ran up on Usher a few years ago about being The King. Bobby says he still hasn’t seen the full cut of his movie because he wants to watch it with the rest of the world.

“Why would I walk on stage with coke in my pocket? It might melt.”

That was Bobby Brown’s response to the question asked by Charlamagne concerning an incident he had on stage during his “Don’t Be Cruel” days when people assumed he dropped cocaine while performing on stage. He says what dropped was his watch on stage and that people are wrong in what they thought they saw.

“When I realized if my big brother developed a problem because of – that I felt because of me and because what I was going through – I just felt bad. We work with each other now and we hold each other up.”

Ricky says he developed a coke problem due to the anxiety he was experiencing and when Bobby Brown found out that helped him quit his habit.  It was an entertaining 40 minute interview with these legends.

We also found out what Bobby Brown felt about Kanye West exploiting his ex-wife Whitney Houston for Pusha T’s album cover.

“I really don’t care to see anything like that. It’s disgusting that they don’t have enough sense and enough respect for people that they do sh*t like that. Kanye know – no, wait, wait, Kanye don’t know no better.”






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