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Drake – #WorldWide Artist Of The Week

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(WWETV Network) This week’s WorldWide Artist Of The Week is Drake with new music entitled “Omerta” and “Money In The Grave”. He didn’t release a music video or do a live performance, but his repping for his city of Toronto was unmatched. As the global ambassador of the now reigning NBA Champions, Drizzy’s support for his team by becoming a master troll and using his rap battle antics to play mind games with the former NBA Champion team of the Golden State Warriors can’t be overlooked.

It was a long and winding road, as Drake wore different outfits to be the unofficial 6ixth man for the Toronto Raptors. He told the world about his city and how he started from the bottom. His story is the hip hop version of the Toronto Raptors who also came from the bottom as unlikely champions of the NBA and now becoming the most valuable sports team in all of Canada. Not bad for a team representing a city that was once known for being the hockey mecca with the Maple Leafs and only major sports team to win a title via Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and 1993(The Leafs haven’t won the NHL Championship since the 1960’s).

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Let’s take a look back at how Drake contributed to the NBA Finals and also played his part as the Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors!

Drake plays mind games with Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors by sporting a Dell Curry Raptors jersey. It’s still debatable, Drake seemed to yell “trash” at Green following the Raptor’s 118-109 win in Game 1.

Instead of paying complete attention to having his team win the following game, Draymond Green plays the troll game with Drake in Toronto streets.

Drake in Game 2 wears a “Where’s Kevin?!!!??!!’ hoodie to bring attention to the fact that Kevin Durant was nowhere to be found due to injury. Is it possible that this little incident sparked the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant to force a comeback in Game 5 which now may have hurt his free agency drawing power?

The NBA also seemed to shift focus on Drake’s court side antics during post game interviews. One interview in particular with Kyle Thompson alluded to Drake’s music.

Klay spoke on if Drake songs were banned?

“if it’s a bad song I’ll skip it. But if it’s one of his hits, I’ll play it.” Ouch!

When Thompson got a tech in Game 1, Drake mimicked talking on the phone, a clear reference to “Hotline Bling.”

The Golden State Warriors tried to get at Drake via his arch nemesis Pusha T. During the pre-game warm up session, the Warriors were listening to “Story of Adidon” that was the diss song towards Drake in his beef with Pusha T.

The daughter of the owner of the Golden State Warriors, Wes Edens, also tried to get at Drake wearing a Pusha T t shirt, but Drake played the game with her by putting a pic Mallory Edens on his Instagram.

It is quite apparent, Drake helped to create drama for the NBA Finals with his antics. The winners in the end of it all were basketball fans who ended up seeing one of the most entertaining NBA Finals in recent times.