Drake’s Baby Mother Clout Chasing?

Drake – Sophie Brussaux

Drake and Sophie Brussaux have a kid together, but that seems to be the only thing that is happening between them. The public never sees the parents of Adonis, but it seems Sophie has plans to deceive the fans of Drizzy into thinking they are out on dates. 

After news broke that she attended one of Drake’s concerts in Paris recently, she has made a consorted effort of posting a few photos on her Instagram page and video clips of herself dancing while Drake was onstage. Since then, there has been a video circulating online that apparently shows Drake out at dinner with Brussaux and friends following one of his concerts, leaving fans to believe that the two are closer than expected. However, TMZ reports that the two aren’t romantic at all, and the man in the video isn’t even Drake.

TMZ states that a lookalike is being used so that media sources will run the story of her and Drake being together, but in truth it’s just a doppelganger of the Toronto artist.