Drake’s War Video Puts Spotlight on Toronto Hood Politics

Venom Exclusive Article

drakeHappy New Year everyone! This is the first article from yours truly in 2020 and as I am custom to do,  I will take you down memory llane by illustrating the political history of Toronto streep rap that is rearing its head once again through its biggest star ever.

Drake is one of the biggest artists in the world and his last music video “WAR” had Drizzy name dropping rappers from his city such as Chromazz and Pressa.

In the city of Toronto, these artists hail from the same area known as “Jane and Finch” which has different government housing projects in the West end of the city.

Drake has received backlash from a Toronto rapper from another West end housing project that is in opposition of “Jane and Finch” called “Rexdale”. He called out Drake and contacted Drizzy’ s producer OVO 40 Shebib about Drake playing favorites in his hometown to certain areas.

A Drake affiliate, Preme, took to Instagram to talk about Drake not respecting the politics in his city when it comes to street rappers.


Drake had also put out a statement about his reasoning for shouting out certain rappers from the 6ix.

Drake claims he takes no sides and doesn’t really know the politics in his city at a deep level. However, Drake knew enough not to mention a certain rapper that he once idolized on the song “WAR” because he became ostracized from the rap scene due to snitching.

He made reference to another section of the city without dropping the region’s  nickname of “Jungle” and the rapper Mayhem Morearty. In this old clip from “Juice DVD All-Stars” in 2006-7 time period he speaks on the politics of the time.

Before Drake blew up and became the most dominant artist of the last decade, he found himself in the middle of Toronto’s  rap beef between Mayhem Morearty and Kardinal Offishall. Ironically enough, Mayhem Morearty had reached street fame also doing music videos in “Southside Jane” section of the “Jane and Finch” area.

Now yours truly Venom, felt compelled to let the world know that Drake is not new to playing cards  himself through city politics and is quite saavy on knowing what’s happening in his city today just as over a decade ago.