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Dreamchasers Radio Interview: Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast

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Women’s History Month Exclusives continue with WorldWide Entertainment TV with Yaya Diamond of Dreamchasers Radio Podcast interview with Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Episode 17.

During the interview, viewers discover her history and family tree which includes being the daughter of 80’s pop singer Evelyn Thomas. The musical talent in her bloodline doesn’t stop there, she is also related to Robert and Bobby Mcferrin(of “Don’t Worry Be Happy fame).


With her extensive history connected to the music business,  Yaya Diamond gives advice to women entering the entertainment world and also says what to look out for in the male dominated industry.  One of the artists that she admires and is an example for other women is Missy Elliot. We find out how she got started with her “Dreamchasers Radio” show and what keeps her motivated in what is becoming a crowded podcast world.


She has opened, as a solo act and member of The Crashers, a Southwest Florida Premier band, for various artists such as Mary Mary, appearing on TV programs BET and the Word Network – multiple times, Aaron Nevil, The Former Ladies of The Supremes, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Here comes the Mummies, Rare Earth and many more! Her writing and vocal skills have even commanded the attention of the Grammy Board, getting her 8 Grammy Nominations for a collaboration with Walter “Clyde” Orange of “The Commodores” and child activist Craig Deanto, and a collaboration with former Lead Singer of the group Inner Circle, Carlton Coffie, “Everything will be Alright”.

Yaya also tours with the Former Lead Singer of The Temptations, Mr. Glenn Leonard, singing lead and background vocals for Glenn Leonard Presents Hitsville Live Show, as well as heading up her own live shows. Yahalomas’ Solo projects Include: No Longer Bound, My Everything, Fire, Beautiful, The best of Yahaloma, Yahaloma Live at the Englewood Event Center, and Everything will be Alright. She has also won best song of the year, and Multiple Billboard recognition awards. Her next single has gone international being released on Expanded Music in Italy. Expect much more from this artist on the verge.


Yaya Diamond gives her thoughts on some of her biggest interviews for Dreamchasers Radio that include the likes of The Jacksons, Anthony Hamilton, and Mopreme Shakur. The exclusive interview also reveals her initial reaction to getting nominated for the Florida Music Hall of Fame.