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DreamDoll – Oh Shh(Claws Remix) Video Zone Pick Of The Week

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The New York rapper, Dreamdoll, has been on a roll lately releasing visuals that represent her city to the fullest, she drops another with Oh Shh(Claws Remix).

Boasting over 4 million followers, the woman who appeared on reality shows such as Love & Hip Hop is making waves to end the year of 2020.

Dream has been transparent about her plastic surgery journey and kept it real when a fan told her to add “fat” to her thighs. The fan writes, “get ya thighs done boo (heart emoji). Dream replied, “I did. The fat keeps disappearing every time I work out.” Now- Dream may have been being sarcastic, but it seems like she was just being honest.

Fans were loving her openness in the comments, one fan wrote “She handled that with class. because she didn’t have to respond at all” and another, “I respect her honesty..”

Check out the screen grab captured by The Neighborhood Talk below.

The Bronx native took to Instagram to show off her revamped figure on Instagram Tuesday (June 29), which saw her trim down her curves with a hip removal and butt reduction. Check out her latest music video below that has been added to WorldWide Video Zone below.

Fans have taken notice in the improvement of the rapper’s skills and Dreamdoll spoke on people’s praise of her rhyming improvement in 2021. She stated to Rolling Stone that, “I feel like the main change was my voice. I had to understand, like you gotta have a rap voice and then a regular speaking voice. I had to find that within my own voice. But, I did it once, and everybody loved it. I just stuck beside it.”

Who knows how far she will reach in the year 2022, but things are looking bright for the young woman from New York.