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E-40 Verzuz Too Short Budget Allegedly Worth $500,000

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According to TMZ, the two will perform inside of a state-of-the-art soundstage in Northern California with a reported budget of $500,000. The two MC’s will be surrounded by concert-style lighting and expensive props such as two old school cars and more. The Verzuz will be a complete homage to Bay Area Hip Hop with car culture, slang and more to be incorporated.

The Verzuz was originally scheduled to take place at an even more interesting location — the Steve Jobs Theater located on the Apple Campus. However, due to safety concerns with the coronavirus, the show was moved.

The rappers also gave shoutouts to a number of other artists on the stream. When playing the 1995’s “Dusted N’ Disgusted,” E-40 called Tupac the greatest rapper of all time. He also shouted out the late Nate Dogg with “Nah, Nah…”

“No matter how it comes out, no matter who they think got the most hits or whatever, it’s still a win-win,” E-40 told Complex earlier this week. “It’s putting an eye on the Bay. We never get our shine like we should, and this is a great opportunity, so I appreciate Swizz Beatz and Timbaland and Larry Jackson and everybody over at Verzuz for including us.”

“We kind of have a clear-cut friendship and a clear-cut competition going at all times,” Too Short added. “This is not going to be any different. It’s still like, as much as that’s my boy—and we’re going to laugh before, during, and after—we’re still trying to show up and shine and make this look good for the Bay and for our individual selves.”

Check out the full Verzuz showdown below.