E.D.I. Mean Shuts Down ‘Who Killed Tupac’ Question

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

E.D.I. Mean of the Outlawz sits down with HYPE+ for his first one on one interview with the outlet speaking on his acting and more.

The interview opens up about Tupac’s career as an actor. E.D.I Mean believes the iconic rap star would have eventually eclipsed the career he had as a hip hop artist if he grew to be in his forties.


As the interviewer listed a few revolutionary names that inspired people, he made mention of a Netflix documentary entitled “Who Killed Malcolm X?.”

The follow up to the mention was whether or not he knew who killed Tupac Shakur. The Outlawz icon was blunt stating, “I’m never going talk about that on camera.”  The interviewer was fine with the response.


E.D.I. Mean was asked about social media being in the hey day of Tupac. With camera phones being integral in cases in recent years such as the George Floyd situation a few years with police officers, the rapper was asked if that may have changed the fateful night Tupac was murdered.

“Who knows man, it wasn’t, we aint had that, we had what we had,” E.D.I. Mean explained. He later went on to say he had gratitude for being around Tupac Shakur and didn’t feel any regrets about being overshadowed by his legacy over his own rap career.