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Ebony Hustle Producer John Wayne S III About Creating Films

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Brooklyn Tea Talk exclusive interview with producer and writer John Wayne S III. They speak on various topics that include life in Hollywood, Chris Rock and Will Smith Oscar slap, working with top producers and more.


John Wayne began his career in the entertainment industry over two decade ago. He got his start working on an independent film in the Art department as a PA. The film was director/producer George Tillman’s (Soul Food, Barber Shop & Men of Honor) first film “Scenes for the Soul”. After the production wrapped, he continued to work with George and his partner Robert Teitel on music videos and other projects. Shortly after that, Wayne partnered with a local director to produce music videos. They started out shooting low budget music videos for small labels. This ventured proved quite successful, they moved from producing music video in 35mm film for $5,000 to budgets quickly escalating.


During this time he went to work as a publicist for Grammy nominated music producer Steve “Silk” Hurley. He started once again off with little to no experience as a publicist and during his 3 year stint, became Director of International A&R. He setup and oversaw offices/agents in the United Kingdom and Japan. He facilitated distribution, production, publishing, artist and record deals around the world. While at Silk, Wayne gained many contacts and built strong relationships. During this time he started JWS Productions Inc to produce music videos and TV commercials. Over the past decade John Wayne has produced/directed over 200 music video and 70 television commercials.


After some time away from the music industry, join the DL Records as President & General Manager. In this capacity he will be responsible for the labels overall direction and operations. During his tenure at the label, he was instrumental is propelling the career of Bodaiga. The hit single “We Don’t Play Dat” produced by Lil Jon, featuring Bun B was an instant radio success. With this success in his pocket he launched J-Dubb Records. With distribution in over 25 + countries, J-Dubb Records is set to bring its spin on hip-hop/urban music.


In 2009, aspiring to reach greater heights and return as a leader in documentary and feature filmmaking, John Wayne III started Londyn Town Pictures. With its focus on producing quality entertainment, it is credited for the Last Step Before Reality, a documentary that followed six young adults attending an alternative school.

Banking on his experience in multiple industries and his mastery of creating masterpieces that appeal to audiences, John made his film directorial debut with Red All Over, which stars Slim Thug, Donna Biscoe, Charmin Lee, and Victor Love, and explores the issues of gun violence, mental health, and bullying.

Fueled by his passion for telling stories of people and events that are important despite being swept behind the scenes, this esteemed filmmaker continues to produce and direct movies and TV projects. John Wayne III also remains dedicated to the craft because he sees it as his medium to live forever. Through his films and documentaries, he hopes to leave a legacy, have his voice heard, and his words cemented for eternity.

Furthermore, he has been assisting young filmmakers as they bring their projects to life. By providing much-needed guidance when it comes to filmmaking nitty-gritty, John Wayne III aims to contribute to the realization of their dreams.


Ex-stripper turned private investigator evens the score on the streets! Ebony “Hustle” Howard has a sense of justice and a high level of curiosity. With that combination, she constantly finds herself in the most unusual circumstances and her need to stand up for the little guy always seems to get her in trouble. To solve crimes, she uses her knowledge of the streets and friends from her strip club days who are always willing to help out, no matter who or what they’re up against. But Ebony does have just one problem – this “cougar’s” weakness for young men can often throw her off her game. When Ebony gets a case that requires a little muscle, she leans on her friend Cardie “Cal” Givens. Cal is an ex-Marine and woman in her 30’s who has a bit of a crush on Ebony.


Knowing they will never hook up, Cal still puts on her best game. On most days, Ebony gets cases about cheating and fraud, but things changed when Glenda Shaw asks for help locating her missing daughter, Ny’Kia. She believes that Ny’Kia is being held against her will by former rapper-turned-pastor Caleb Truth. Ms Shaw has been unable to contact her daughter in over three months and wants Ebony to bring her home. Caleb and Ny’Kia are in town, briefly to promote his new gospel album.

Time is of the essence. To keep Ebony from getting in over her head on a case, police detective Wayne Thomas, Ebony’s ex-husband, attempts to keep her on the straight and narrow. Wayne and Ebony have a long history working together and it’s not clear why the two ever divorced, but with the way trouble always finds Ebony, it’s good that another strong person has her back. Between Caleb, Ny’Kia, Cal and Wayne, Ebony and her circle are about to go on one hell of a ride. “Bam, baby – you’re busted!” “Ebony Hustle” is a film about lust, street knowledge, and justice.