Eddie Murphy Reveals Oprah Not Knowing About His Multiple Roles In “C2A”

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Eddie Murphy revealed that Oprah didn’t know that the old men in the barbershop were also Murphy.

Before The Nutty Professor and Murphy portraying all the wacky characters in that film, he played role of Prince Hakeem and the old men in the barbershop in Coming To America the original. In an interivew Jimmy Kimmel recently about the sequel, Coming 2 America. It was common knowledge that Murphy wore a bit of makeup to create the illusion that he was, indeed, someone else, but that fact seemed to fly right over Oprah Winfrey’s head as she reportedly didn’t know those characters were the comedian, as well.

“A lot of people don’t know that’s us in those makeups,” said Murphy. “Last week, I was doing the other interview with Oprah and… I said something about the barbershop, and ‘I’m that Jewish man,’ and she was like, ‘What do you mean, you’re the Jewish man?'”

“I said, ‘Oh yeah, I’m the old Jewish guy in the barbershop.’ She was like, ‘What?'” Murphy shared. “She couldn’t believe it. And she’s seen the original Coming to America and [this sequel] and all this time didn’t know.” Check out Murphy’s interview and a behind-the-scenes clip of Murphy making fun of himself as he gets his makeup done to portray the Jewish character, Saul. When you first watched the film, did you know Murphy played multiple roles? Have you checked out the sequel?